Project Management

Manage your projects and talent in one system for empowered teams, satisfied clients, and increased profitability.

Create Tasks

Efficiently manage tasks, delegate assignments, and record completion times for streamlined workflow.

Add Milestones

Project milestones serve as clear progress markers, facilitating tracking and timely adjustments.

Time Tracking

Monitor project time allocation with our integrated time tracking solution.


Add an expense to a project to track spending and decide how to charge for it.

Other great features


Keep track of your opportunities and nurture your leads into paying customers. You can easily capture new leads, using our form builder.


Create polished, visually appealing invoices, complete with file attachments, and seamlessly deliver them to your clients.

To To List

Create your personal todo list and manage your work more efficiently. Don’t forget to do any important task and stay focused on daily work.

Personal Notes

Easily organize important details by creating personal notes all in one place for quick access when you need them.

Roles & Permissions

Take full control over the access permissions of your team members. Tailor roles and permissions to each team member.

Internal Wiki

Establish an internal wiki to enhance team knowledge and information sharing. Create an knowledge base for your team and clients.


Easily access a variety of insightful reports to gain a comprehensive overview of your business operations. 

Leave and Attendance

Oversee your team members’ leave applications and time cards. Team members can easily clock in and out to record their daily work hours.


Share messages and updates with your clients and team members to keep everyone informed about upcoming events, holidays, and celebrations.

Integrate with Favorite Apps

Our app integrates with other third-party apps for added advantage.


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